Who is RC Simon?

RC Simon, young and driven to make an impact in this world searched for a better way after graduating from high school.

Had some college experience and decided to take a different route in life. Worked different jobs and experimented with all sorts of business ventures. Through his early 20's he was first exposed to the entrepreneurial journey.
At the age of 24 made his first six figures and decided to take a step on faith to move into the entrepreneur industry full time shortly after.
Recently has been in the digital marketing and eCommerce space for a handful of years. His vision is to help promote talented artists, innovative products and positive movements.
Also, a youth/millennial pastor for his families ministry preaching the word of God to spread the love of the Lord to the next generation.
Going to over 100+ networking events within a span of five years, his vision is to expand the way people build relationships, do business & execute on there desired results with the skills they have built.
Recently he has been expanding his portfolio in real estate investments and showing people that you can live life on your own terms.
The motto is to stay true with who God created you to be and living a world class lifestyle around your values.

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